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USCIS Genealogy Program

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Here you can choose your type of request, provide information about yourself and about your ancestor, pay the applicable fees and upload supporting documents:
Index Search Request
Start your Search with an Index Search Request
  • Requests for searches of USCIS indices reveal whether any USCIS records exist for a specific individual. If records exist, our researchers will capture the citation for each record and provide that information to you. You can use the citation(s) to submit a Record Request.
You'll have to provide certain information -- Read more about making Index Search Requests
Record Request with Request Case ID
Follow up on your index search by submitting the file number citation(s) in a Record Request with Request Case ID
  • You have up to one year from the date of the search request to submit related Record Request. Our researchers will retrieve the records and files indicated and send you copies by email or regular mails (your choice).
Read more about submitting Record Requests
Record Request without Request Case ID
Request a specific file by file number in a Record Request without Request Case ID
  • To do so, you must know the correct file number for the record requested.
Be sure to read all our information and instructions before choosing this option.
About the Fees
  • Be advised, there are no refunds for a search request where no records are located, or when the file located falls under the purview of the USCIS Freedom of Information/Privacy Act program and/or the National Archives.
  • Be advised, there are also no refunds for a Records request where the file number provided is invalid.
  • Requests will only be processed after full payment is received.
  • Online: All fees are payable using a credit card online.
  • By Mail: All fees are payable by cashier's check or money order (no personal checks will be accepted). Mail payment and proof of death (if applicable) to the following address:
Forms for mailing can be printed or downloaded here
If you have submitted a Genealogy request and have the request Case ID, you may check your here.
USCIS Genealogy Program
P. O. Box 805925
Chicago, IL 60680-4120
Supporting Documents?
If the immigrant's date of birth is less than 100 years prior to the date of this request, you must provide documentary evidence showing the immigrant is deceased. An example of acceptable documentary proof of death includes: death certificates (uncertified copy), printed obituaries, funeral programs or photographs of gravestones, Bible records, Social Security Death Index (individual records only, not lists), or records relating to payment of death benefits.
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